KC Shadowrunners

Milk run goes sour


Cici gets a trid message from a chummer named Reno with a run. A short search finds him to be legit. Meet up with the team and drive to his bar for details. Extraction job. Should have been simple enough, only things are never simple, are they? He hands us ferry passes and wants some coyote named Wrongway lifted from a hole with distraction. We glean what we can on the ride over. But drek hits the pavement as soon as we step off. Some scene in a soykaf shop. So, I hack the fire piss system and make it rain indoors. Crowd comes out wet and pissed, so I stop one to get the scoop. Kickers throwing drek around looking for our package. The beginning of a beautiful distraction extraction. Blargh heads over to talk to “Tats” the baldy to draw attention from Tara sweetening some bikes fuel tanks. Must have said the wrong thing, because drek starts piling up quick! Shots fired. Blargh loses his drek and fries some people in the crowd along with a Kicker. Some fragging drek man, damn! That drek will get us geeked. I manage to claim a bike, rev it up and not die driving down the street. Some U2C runs into me like I’m not driving down the fraggin’ sidewalk! Contact Wrongway to get the hell outta town. Only I take a bullet. Convinced I’m gonna die. Until Cici slides 3 slicks through the fragger. Kickers get kicked. I get a bit painkiller from Big Ugly. Cici gets a new gun. Tara gets a new bike. We get paid. We get a another fixer in Reno. Most importantly, we all get to go back to our sad little hovels.


Oniwa Brojn

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