KC Shadowrunners

Reno Pyatt contacts the group to extract his smuggler, Feldman Wrongway, from an area of The Kicker gang’s control. Zen managed to negotiate the pay up to 3,500 NY per person from 2,500 NY. The team takes the ferry over to Everett and notices some gangers watching the area. After noticing a disturbance in a coffee shop Zen decides to set the sprinklers of the coffee shop off and flush everyone outside. While this is happening Blarg decides to try to distract or dispatch the ganger on overwatch. After a failed stunball attempt Blarg blows a kicker bike up with flamethrower. Meanwhile the two gangers are causing a scene outside the coffee shop. Another two gangers showed up. One was the third triplet of the two causing the mayhem and the other was Chase the triplets boss. Chase ordered the triplets to stop messing around and find Wrongway. While this was happening Tara went and bought sugar to pour in the bikes gas tanks. Blarg and the gang leader Bast got into an altercation that called all the gangers back to the shop. In the ensuing shootout Bast died but not before she called in for reinforcements. Chase was hit by a lightning ball that also hit two civilians. Then was put down quickly by Steve. Then after finding out the leaders died one ganger ran away. Tara sent a crawler to attack the shins of one of the triplets and managed to harass it and keep it tangled up on the ground for a few rounds. A ricochet from the ganger who was being foiled by the bot took out another civilian taking the total civilian loss to three. After Steve put one of the triplets down two more of them ran away. Zen manged to steal a bike and was chased by the ganger. The ganger managed to get a shot in on Zen and did some good damage but was being followed by Steve who put him down. Tara had called her van in to come pick the team up while Zen extracted Wrongway. Blarg manages to heal some of the damage that Zen had taken. The team managed to get Wrongway and his package back on the road.

3 Karma
1 Public Awareness
3,500 NY
Tara got a bike
Steve got a sniper rifle


Oniwa Oniwa

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