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Milk Run (Extraction Job)

. – Aloha,
So there I was passed out on Steve’s couch with “Surfer’s Monthly” covering my face. I have been crashing at Steve’s place since moving back to the Seattle area. Few people would let me just stay at my place like that, Steve’s a true brudah. So Steve got a message from a guy named Reno Pyatt about a potential job and decides to wake me up to tell me about it. I tell him that we should definitely look into it, I definitely need some cash to get off this couch. I watch the video that got sent and Reno sends us the meeting point. I decide to astrally project myself to check out the place; before I even get there I can see an anti magic shield around the place. This Reno guy knows what he is doing. I make it back into my body and by that time Steve has got a hold of Zen and Tara and sent them Reno’s message. They decide to meet us at a mutual point so Tara can pick us up on her rover.

I style my hair around my horns and style my mustache to match the horn shape. Really need to get more surf wax, board wax is best for styling. I throw on a red Hawaiian shirt, best look for business. Tara arrives and we hop into the rover. I love that thing! It’s one of the few things I don’t feel totally cramped in. On the drive over Zen tells us more details about Reno, a dwarf.He fronts as a restaurant owner, but is a retired combat fighter, and also deals in underground drug dealing. Needless to say, he keeps himself busy. He seems legit to me.

We get to the restaurant. I don’t know what it is, but something makes the place smell delicious and for a few moments I’m lost in my own world imagining the possibilities. We get taken to the back where Reno is sitting at his desk. He tells us that he has a package that needs to be retrieved. One of his own, a smuggler named Feldman Wrongway has it, but is being held up by a biker gang(the kickers) that wants to get their hands on it. Reno advises us that distracting the gang would be the best way to try and extract the package and Feldman. He tells us that the package is in Everett and Feldman is currently hiding in a place called “Andy’s Tools” He said that he’ll pay us 2,500 for the job, but Zen is able to persuade him to bringing it up another grand and making it 3,500. I personally would have taken the original price and a meal from his restaurant. Money in the pocket is nice, but a full belly before a big run is even better; plus you don’t have to pay the dead. We take the job and Reno gives us ferry passes to Everett.

On the ferry ride over we discuss plans on what’s best to try to do. Tara and I both know where “Andy’s” is at having grown up in Everett. Steve thinks he remembers where the place is at having spent so much time with us growing up. Zen brings up a map of Everett to try and get a layout plan. Tara sends a drone out to get some eyes in the sky. We need an idea of what we are to expect; or what may be expecting us. Tara’s drones didn’t catch anything out of the ordinary so we couldn’t really agree on a solid plan. We just knew we needed to get the package before we got caught. We get to Everett and Tara drives us down towards downtown a few blocks from “Andy’s”. We start walking, trying to be inconspicuous and hear a ruckus from a Soykafe. Zen decides he can use this to his advantage and hack into the soykafe’s fire sprinkler system, via the matrix, and sets it off. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the matrix, Zen tries to explain it now and then, but just confuses me more. the sprinlkers soaking the store, brings out the customers and a couple of kickers that were causing the mess and they all pour out into the street. We come across one of the soaked angry customers and he tells us what was happening in there and that the two kickers were hassling people about the package. We decide can maybe blend in with crowd and get to Andy’s without sticking out. But the kickers are being directed to go building to building and we are now on time crunch. Up the block from the shop on the other side of a garage we spot a bald tatted girl that is giving instructions to the other kickers. I decide to try and distract her by going up and talking to her about her tattooes, swap stories, enough to get her focusing on something else. She doesn’t take the bait and quickly brushes me off. While I’m trying Tara is getting sugar and using her drones to try and sugar the tanks of the bikes that the sheila is guarding. I rashly think that we need to stop the communications and quickest way is to try and knock her out. Problem was my spell to try failed hard and she was on to me. To try and avoid direct conflict I shot a fireball at a bike, more hoping to get her focusing on the bikes not on me. But how some spells fail others work too well and it blows up the bike and now she is out for blood.

She goes to the garage and gets a sniper rifle and takes a shot at me from close range, but luckily she shoots her mouth off better than she does a gun, and misses me. Steve sees her take the shot, and having my back, shoots her and his shot is fatal. He always has my back when I get into stupid things. From the crowd another member sees through the garage and hearing the shots looks and see me standing over her. He takes a shot at me but it glances off me. In retaliation I did an area lightening attack; it got him but was too much and sadly took two civilians with it. I feel terrible about it, but you try being everyone’s large target practice and not have things get bit out of hand now and then. While this is going down more kickers are heading to the garage, but Tara uses drones to attack and slow them up, giving Zen time to hack a bike to get to Andy’s and get Feldman and the package.

So Zen is riding off and from near the docks here comes running another kicker yelling that Zen just stole his bike. Zen gets to Andy’s and is able to hack into comm and get Feldman and tell him we are here to get him out of here with the goods. He is hesitant but knows Reno would bring help for the package. Before Feldman gets out the person chasing Zen had caught up and shots Zen getting a clean shot, things not looking good for Zen. Steve sees the guy that shot and just like having my back, has Zen’s and takes down that kicker. Tara had got the rover to get to the garage and pick us up and Zen gets to the garage at same time. We get the package and Feldman inside. As well as the bike. I heal up Zen enough to where he won’t bleed out, but still does pass out pretty hard. We get back on the Ferry and get the package back to Reno.

Reno likes that we got the job done, not exactly the way how we did it, but we got him what he wanted. He decides to be a contact for us, and with how much he seems to be involved in that could mean steady work. Reno got his package, we got credsticks, Tara got a bike, Steve got a sniper rifle, Zen got a hole for his troubles, and I got a guilty conscious for lives taken. But on a side note one of the people that were killed in the crossfire was a bully of mine when I was growing up; now I don’t believe in karma, but that eases my mind just a bit.



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