Street Samurai


Name: Hugh “Logan” Jordan, Meta: Human, Gender: Male,
Age: 28, Height: 5’ 9", Weight: 256 lbs,
Hair: Light Brown, short on sides, long on top, all brushed to one side,
Beard: long brown, moderately trimmed Eyes: Hazel,
Skin Color: Caucasian (Lightly tanned),
Distinguishing Features: various scars adorn the majority of his body, though most have healed quite well. One just below his eyebrow over his left eye. One following the line from the right corner of his upper lip. Another a bit off center of the middle of his chin (though usually hidden by his beard) A faint scar on his forehead just between his eyebrows. Between the knuckles of his hands. Besides his right knee and left ankle, most of the rest are hidden day to day by his clothing.
Residence(s): a comfortable condo


Always poor with social skills, Logan was a child with no filter. He would often blurt out whatever came to mind without courtesy nor thought of others feelings or perceptions. This got him into lots of fights. Dirty, rough and tumble fights which led him to utilize his other senses, after getting dirt, sand, spit, you name it tossed or spat into his eyes.

Around 10-12 he found an old online comic or 2d vid featuring Wolverine. He instantly identified and became obsessed with Wolverine. Already feeling a connection to the character, he wanted to be like him.

His dad had been a reasonably successful shadowrunner, but when he was young, went out for a job one night and never came home. When he was 17-18, his mom got ill and passed on a credstick from his father. He used the money to enhance himself to be even more like Wolverine, but over the last 8 years has grown into his own. He still pays homage to Wolverine with his street name and much of his personality still shares traits with the X-man, but it’s not the obsession he once had.

He supported his mother and himself by doing small bit runs. 4 years ago, his mother finally succumbed to her long term illness.

Now he’s ready to dive full in. Has decided his youth is leaving him and it’s time to man up and go full in or lay down in a gutter and die, and he’s not the dying kind.


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